Переделай предложения. С помошью глаголов

kocmoc 16 мая 2018

Переделай предложения. С помошью глаголов. Образец: His pets like milk and cheese.-Do his pets like milk and cheese? 1) They go to the park.-

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They like go to the park.-

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16 мая 2018
Помогите сделать качественный перевод: One Friday lunchtime I had to change some money and went to an exchange office on the main pedestrianisedstreet in the city.There was a queue of about half a dozen people also waiting to change their dollars. Now queuing is something that the English do when they have to but we tend to think how to avoid the queue — usually find another place or later time.This time I was saved by a young man who suggested that if I wanted to change a few dollars we could do it quicker outside in the street.I followed him outside and gave him the two $50 notes. While I was waiting for the money I was tapped on the shoulder by another young man who explained to me that it was a slightly dangerous practice to change money on the street.I was embarrassed by this warning, and now wantend to get out of this situation as soon as possible. I turned to the chap and he returned the money immediately and went down the street. I stuffed the money in my pocket and went in the other direction to find another place to change my cash, But when I took the two notes out of my pocket i saw two one dollar notes! I might have saved ten minutes but I had lost nearly $100 instead and all because of my own stupid greed and impatience.I was still wondering where to seek help when I saw the two chaps who had taken my dollars. I came up up to them and asked if they wanted me to explain the story to the militiaman who was a few metres away. They quickly handed me the two $50 notes — which this time I checked before pocketing them.I was so glad to have my greed rewarded with some great luck that I gave them back theIr two one dollar notes — so they could catch someone else out? I don't know why!

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