Put the questions to the underlined words.…

serioga 15 декабря 2017

Put the questions to the underlined words. 1.Tom usually gets up _at 7 o'clock._______________ 2. ann______ invited her friends to herbirthday party.

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1.Tom usually gets up at 7 o'clock.- When does Tom usually get up? 2. Ann invited her friends to her birthday party.- wHO invited friends to the birthday party? 3.there was a beautiful rainbow_ in the sky.- What was there in the sky? 4._henry VIII_ was born in 1491.- wHO was born in 1491? 5.I wished to go _to London. — Where did I wish to go? 6.A dog is my favourite animal.- What is my favourite animal? wet- drycold- warm- hotnew- oldto be born- to diesummer- wintersouth- northto give- to taketo stay- to leave

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