Экзамен это последняя оценка ученика

konsan 14 декабря 2018

Экзамен это последняя оценка ученика. Или получив стресс, переволновавшись ученик пишет хуже? Правильно ли оценивать ученика по экзамену? Сочинение. (200-250 слов)

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The exams are known to cause quite a lot of stress upon a student. Students start studying day and night, and worry all the time that they might not pass and will fail. And even if they have studied for months, they still feel like they might get a low score. That is why when even the most prepared and well-studied student goes to pass his or her exams, they may get a lower score than may be expected. This is all due to the stress from the exams. And although this can be said to be the negative factor of exams, it can also be a good motivator to get even a higher score. So basically it depends. But in my opinion people should learn to use the stress as a motivator instead of making it a reason for their failure.

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