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gubernator 22 апреля 2020

HELP Упражнения на Past Continuous 1. Прочитайте текст и подчеркните формы глаголов в Past Continuous. Ответьте на вопросы после текста. An EmbarrassingIncident One day last summer I was walking through the local park. It was a hot day and I was eating an ice cream. As I was walking past the boating lake, I saw my friends, Carol and Jim. They were taking their dog for a walk. When we met, we stopped for a chat. While we were talking, the dog suddenly jumped up and tried to get my ice cream. I pulled my hand away and unfortunately the ice-cream came out of the cone. Now there was a bald man behind me. The poor man wasn't doing any harm. He was just sitting on a bench and reading a newspaper. Well, when I pulled my hand away, the ice cream flew through the air and it landed on the man's head. I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. When I looked at my friends, they weren't just laughing, they were in hysterics. But I was terribly embarrassed. 1. Where was the man walking one day? 2. What was he eating? 3. Who was taking a dog for a walk? 4. Was a bald man sitting on a bench or walking along the road? 5. The poor man wasn't doing any harm, was he? 6. Why I wonder that Carol and Jim were laughing? 2. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в форме Past Continuous Tense. 1. This morning was really beautiful. The sun (shine) , the birds (sing) and everyone in the street (smile) and (say) hello to each other. 2. Mrs. Patrik looked beautiful last night. She (wear) a lovely evening dress. 3. When we arrived, she (make) some coffee. 4. While I (have) a bath the telephone rang. 5. While we (walk) in the park it began to rain. 6. He wind (blow) and the rain (beat) down. John (stand) at the bus stop shivering. He (try) to imagine being at home sitting by a warm fire. Finally he saw the lights of the bus which (approach) from the distance. 7. At 3 o'clock yesterday a geometry lesson (go) on. The teacher (draw) diagrams on the blackboard but I (look) through the window and heard nothing. I (think) about the coming New Year's party. 8. She promised not to report me to the police but ten minutes later I saw that she (talk) with a policeman and from the expression on his face I understood that she (tell) him about me. 9. The dentist's waiting room was full of people. Some (read) magazines, others just (turn) over the pages. A woman (knit) , a child (play) with a toy car. Everybody (wait) for the nurse to say "Next, please". 10. I lit the fire at 6,00 and it (burn) brightly when Jane came in. 11. — The house next to yours was full of policemen and police dogs yesterday. — What they (do)? — I heard that they (look) for drugs. 12. "What you (do) between 9,00 and 10,00 yesterday? " asked the detective. "I (clean) my house", said Mrs Jones. "I always clean my house at this time"

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I was walking throughI was eating I was walking pastThey were takingWe were talking He was just sitting They weren't just laughing Man wasn't doing 1) he was walking through the local park.2) he was eating an ice-cream 3) carol and Jim 4) poor man was just sitting on a bench and reading a newspaper5) he wasn't doing any harm6) because ice-cream flew through the air and it landed on the man's head 2. 1) was shining, were singing, were smiling and saying2) was wearing 3) was making 4) was having 5) were walking 6) was blowing was beating Was standing was trying was approaching 7) was going was drawing was looking I thinking 8) was talking, was telling, 9) were reading, was knitting, was playing, were waiting10) was burning 11) were doing were looking12) were doing, was cleaning

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