Нртоэпжтлмоадашпдм ридос латлд аомьлл алидпьюдым илаидапь

misckra 22 ноября 2018

Нртоэпжтлмоадашпдм ридос латлд аомьлл алидпьюдым илаидапь

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Азазазазаза траль ты что?)

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22 ноября 2018
22 ноября 2018
Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Perfect, Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple или Past Continuous. 1. I (to see) this film thisweek. I like it very much. 2. When I (to come into) the kitchen, I (to see) that my mother (to stand) at the table and (to cut) some cabbage. She (to cook) dinner. 3. They (to go) to the Hermitage last week. 4. They (to be) to the Hermitage twice this week. 5. Yesterday afternoon he (to come) home, (to have) dinner, (to read) an article from the latest magazine and (to begin) doing his homework. 6. When your friend (to return) from the south? — She (to return) yesterday. — You (to go) to the station to meet her? — No, I … . I (to be) too busy. 7. Your brother (to return) from the north? — Yes, he (to come) a few days ago. 8. You (to be) to the Crimea? When you (to be) there? — I (to be) there in 2005. 9. Where (to be) your brother? — He just (to come) home. He (to take) a shower in the bathroom now. 10. As soon as I (to see) him, I (to understand) that he (to work) hard. He (to write) something and (not to notice) anything. 11. When I (to come) home yesterday, the children (to run) and (to sing) merrily. «We (to learn) a new song! » they cried. 12. It (to rain) hard when I (to leave) home yesterday, so I (to return) , (to put) on my raincoat and (to start) again. 13. You (to work) right now? — Yes, I (to prepare) for the English exams. 14. A world-famous violinist (to play) at tonight's concert. 15. The children (to play) with their train set the whole evening yesterday. Напишите просто номер и рядом глагол в правельной форме

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