Помогите составить рассказ описание про акулу 4 класс на английском

airlin 19 ноября 2018

Помогите составить рассказ описание про акулу 4 класс на английском

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Hammerhead sharks.The family hammerhead sharks belong to the genus 2 with seven species. Hammerhead shark gray sharks are closely related , but distinct from , as well as all other fish peculiar shape of the head . It strongly flattened down on the sides and has two large protuberance on the outer edges of which are located eyes , and somewhat to the side of them — large nostrils . Such a shape of the front part of the body facilitates apparently shark maneuvering in a vertical plane , and widely spaced holes nasal hammerhead give more precise orientation with respect to the source of an odor. They all have a predominantly tropical distribution. Hammerhead sharks — fast, strong swimmers , occurring equally in the coastal zone and in the open waters . Food hammerhead sharks consists of a variety of benthic invertebrates (shrimp , crabs , clams) , fish (herring , mackerel) , squid. In the stomachs of large individuals often find stingrays and sharks , including their fellow species. Hammerhead shark reproduce by yaytsezhivorozhdeniya or live birth . The female one hatching brings in different species from 6 — 9 to 30 — 40 pups , and babies akulyata similar in all proportions with adult individuals , have a length of 45 — 50 cm Large hammerhead sharks pose a significant risk to people in the water .

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