Ребят Пожалуйста помогите написать сочинение на английском…

wilson 13 октября 2018

Ребят Пожалуйста помогите написать сочинение на английском, ПОЖАЛУЙСТА, завтра сдавать. ЗаранееСПАСИБО)*

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А на какую тему? Ну раз нет темы можно написать его например о Профессии) Today, there are many professions and every student, including myself, is facing a difficult choice when deciding which activities relate to their lives, where to study and where to work. Work — it is a huge component of human life, in connection with this approach to the subject you want with a great responsibility, not making hasty conclusions. When a man finds his calling in life, work becomes a fascinating process which promotes the high commitment and productivity. Quite different is the case with the people for whom work has become a burden, sinking into the gray days of the routine, which is directly reflected in their life. All this implies that the choice of a profession is a huge responsibility, which affects not only the life of a particular person, but in general all over the country. After all, if we imagine that all people are not the "right place", what kind of economic prosperity of the state may be involved. After much speculation on the topic of "career choice", I came to the conclusion that at present in the country there was a great shortage of workers in the field of education. In many ways, this contributed to the wrong policies of the state, which has undermined the prestige of this matter to people profession.Nowadays, young people do not want to tie my life to this profession, and this is largely due to the low pay and status of the profession. I hope that all this is temporary, and in the future, this work will gain a status — basic and fundamental profession, because it is impossible to imagine a prosperous society without a quality basic education. But to achieve this goal it is necessary that on this specialty were intelligent, highly moral and thinking about the future of Russian people. At the time, U.S. President John F. Kennedy said, "Before our nation should not be more important task than the spread and improvement of educational opportunities for all our people … Education — is the most profitable investment that can make the society, while the richest reward that it may award. " I sincerely hope that in our country understand the importance of this issue, because everything that makes a teacher, school, college accompanies us throughout adult life, and to devote their lives to the field of education — the best solution for people who think not only about themselves, but also the future of their country.

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