Составить предложения со словами A doll,house,name,Dolly, talk,walk…

ilzhnew 14 декабря 2018

Составить предложения со словами A doll,house,name,Dolly, talk,walk,pots,pans,tea,cook, cake.

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I have a very beautiful doll.This house is a 30-Mestre from the river.,The most beautiful name Sofia.Dolly long after the clearing, Speak without stopping is my thing. I love to go to the section in volleyball. When the pan fell a loud ringing.Pans with non-stick coating.Came to my friends for tea.Rotate it to become a cherished dream of Misha. On the day of the birth I cut a piece of cake.

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14 декабря 2018
. Прошу все делать с соблюдением всех правил и не через переводчик, те кто не знают, лучше идите лесом! Прошу помочь, кто что может xD///Express the same inRussian. 1. If you hadn't eaten so much last night, you would feel fine today. — ________ 2. But for your present I would be so unhappy. — ________________________ 3. If only she had made his picture then! — _____________________________ 4. Why did you do that? If I were you, I wouldn't have done it. — ____________ 5. If she spoke Japanese, she would have been a great help to us yesterday. — __ 6. If he weren’t so stupid, he would have told me the truth earlier. — _________ 7. But for your clever advice we would have got into a trouble — ____________ 8. If you put on this terrific dress, you would look smart! — _________________ 9. I would have thrown the apples, if they had been rotten. But they were not. — 10. If she were jealous, he wouldn't have married her 20 years ago. — _________ 1. Open the brackets and complete the text. Now I 1 ___ (to have) a well-paid job because I got good education. I am going 2 ___ (to tell) you now how it all 3___ (to begin). My parents 4___ (to send) me to boarding school at the age of ten. They 5___ (to choose) it for years. Before I left home, I 6___ (to give) some spending money. That time I 7___ (not to know) if I needed it. Of course, my father told me 8___ (to obey) the teachers. My parents 9___ (never to send) me away on my own before, so I felt a little nervous on the train. When I got on the train, I found that it 10 ___ (to be) cold there. Unfortunately I 11___ (to leave) my jacket at home. For three hours I 12___ (to think) if someone 13 ___ (to pick) me up at the station. Luckily I 14 ___ (to pick up) and taken to school. A nice teacher showed me my room. When I came into it, I realised that I 15 ___ (to share) it with other boys! I was shocked because nobody 16 ___ (to tell) me about it. Then some boys took me round the school and invited 17___ (to play) football. While I 18___ (to play) that game with my new friends I had an idea that I 19___ (to be) happy there. You know, those boys 20___ to be my friend since then. 2. Complete the sentences using a/an or the where necessary. 1. What ___ big school! It has ___ thousand of students. 2. Look at ___ hotel window! Can you see ___ girl on ___ top floor? 3. My brother started learning ___ French when he was at ___ school. 4. Thank you for ___ advice you have done. It is ___ best advice of all I’ve got. 5. Nancy is ___ nurse and she works in ___ hospital. But now she is ill and she is in ___ hospital. 6. Where are ___ sweets I bought ___ day before yesterday? I left them on ___ kitchen table. 7. His father was __ great writer. __ books he wrote are sold all over the world. 8. My friend put on ___ white dress. ___ dress looked great but I didn’t like ___ colour. 9. What ___ lovely song she has just sung! What ___ wonderful music! 10. In ___ last day of her holidays she visited ___ capital of the country. 3. Complete the sentences with the right preposition. after, in, on (2) , to 1. She looks ___ the passengers on the plane. 2. I know that she is very interested ___ music. 3. I am sorry, I couldn’t come ___ time. 4. Have you made any pictures ___ your tour? 5. We are going to have a trip ___ Wales. on, to, for, from (2) 6. When did you enroll ___ this Art course? 7. I hate queuing ___ the bus. 8. In a moment the Cheshire cat vanished ___ sight. 9. She has done it only ___ force of habit. 10. ___ my relief the noise stopped in a moment. 4. Choose the right verb form. 1. If I (have / had) enough time, I would start learning Japanese. 2. If only it (hadn’t rained / didn’t rain) yesterday. 3. If you hadn’t been late yesterday, we (will see / would have seen) the beginning of the film. 4. I wish we (have / had) holidays now. 5. If they (had been / were) in Russia last month, they would have met my uncle. 6. If only I (had / had had) some holidays last winter! 7. If he sent me an e-mail, I (will / would) answer him. 8. I wish I (find / found) a treasure of gold. 9. I wish my mother (hadn’t learnt / didn’t learn) about it last Christmas. 10. We would (take / have taken) wonderful pictures, if I hadn’t left my camera at home. 5. Express the same in English. 6. Вот если бы она не вышла за него замуж много лет назад! — ___________ 7. Как жаль, что она такая глупая! — ________________________________

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